Why does AC not go below 16 degrees?

Why cant the A/C go lower than 16C° if it can keep cooling the room?


An air conditioner cannot go lower than 16°C due to design limitations, energy efficiency, and the risk of freezing the internal components.

Why does AC not go below 16 degrees
Why does AC not go below 16 degrees

Complete Reasoning

Air conditioners have a lower limit on the temperature they can achieve, often around 16°C, due to several factors. Firstly, this limit is set by the manufacturer to prevent damage to the system. Cooling below this temperature can cause the evaporator coils to freeze, leading to inefficiency and potential system failure. Additionally, maintaining extremely low temperatures can be energy-intensive, reducing the unit’s efficiency and increasing operational costs. Furthermore, most residential and commercial A/C systems are designed for comfort cooling, and temperatures lower than 16°C are typically unnecessary for such applications.


  1. Why is 16°C the lower limit for my air conditioner?
    • This limit prevents the system from freezing and ensures efficient operation.
  2. What happens if the A/C goes below 16°C?
    • The evaporator coils may freeze, causing damage and reducing efficiency.
  3. Can I modify my A/C to go below 16°C?
    • Modifying your A/C is not recommended as it can void the warranty and damage the system.
  4. Is 16°C cold enough for most applications?
    • Yes, 16°C is sufficient for comfort cooling in residential and commercial settings.
  5. Why does cooling below 16°C increase operational costs?
    • Maintaining lower temperatures requires more energy, making the unit less efficient.
  6. Are there special A/C units that can go below 16°C?
    • Yes, industrial and specialized refrigeration units can achieve lower temperatures.
  7. Will running my A/C at 16°C all the time harm it?
    • Constant operation at the lowest setting can strain the system but is generally safe if maintained properly.
  8. Can freezing of A/C components be prevented?
    • Regular maintenance and adhering to manufacturer settings can prevent freezing.
  9. Does the A/C efficiency decrease at lower temperatures?
    • Yes, as the system works harder to maintain lower temperatures, efficiency decreases.
  10. Is there a significant benefit to cooling below 16°C?
    • For most users, cooling below 16°C is unnecessary and offers no practical benefits.