Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine Review

TIEKJOT Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine/ Chaser Concrete Cutter

Color: Red
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wall
Power Source: Corded Electric


The TIEKJOT Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine is a robust and efficient tool designed for professionals needing precise and clean cuts in concrete, brick, marble, and granite surfaces. Its standout features include high power, adjustable handles, infrared sighting, dust-free operation, and comprehensive safety measures.

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Key Features

1. One Time Forming 360° Slotted: The machine allows for precise cutting with two adjustable handles—one rotating 180° and the other 90°. This flexibility means users can control the depth and width of cuts, achieving a maximum width of 40mm (1.57 inches) and a maximum depth of 42mm (1.65 inches). The 90-degree cutting capability is especially useful for intricate projects.

2. Infrared Sighting & Leakage Protection: Infrared sighting ensures accuracy, while the leakage protection feature enhances safety. The copper motor can load up to 4800W, operating at a voltage of 110V and a rotating speed of 6500 RPM, ensuring powerful and efficient performance.

Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine
Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine

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3. Dust-Free Cutting: Equipped with a water pump and a 3m tube, the TIEKJOT machine significantly reduces dust during operation, promoting a healthier work environment. This feature also helps keep the saw blade cool. Additionally, it supports the connection of a vacuum cleaner (not included) for even more efficient dust management.

4. Wide Application: This versatile tool is suitable for cutting various materials, including concrete, bricks, marble, and granite, and is ideal for creating wall wire line slots. Its application extends to electricians, plumbers, and other contractors who require precise and clean cutting.

5. Warranty and Customer Support: The machine comes with five 133mm (5.24 inches) blades and a one-year warranty. TIEKJOT offers 24-hour online after-sales support and a full refund policy for any dissatisfaction, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Additional Features

Infrared Design and Vacuum Cleaner Adapter: The infrared design aids in precision cutting, and for those who find it inconvenient to use the water pipe, a vacuum cleaner adapter can be connected.

Rotatable Cover and Handle: The rotatable handle enhances comfort and convenience during use. The cover prevents dust spread and can be adjusted to achieve slotting from various angles, including 90-degree corners.

Heat Dissipation: Professionally designed holes ensure timely heat dissipation, protecting the machine and maintaining performance efficiency.

Dust Management and Health Protection: The inclusion of a water pump and 3m water pipe facilitates dust-free slotting and effective temperature reduction of the saw blade, contributing to a healthier and safer working environment.


  • High power and performance
  • Precision cutting with adjustable handles and infrared sighting
  • Effective dust management with water pump and vacuum cleaner adapter
  • Comprehensive safety features including leakage protection
  • Wide application for various materials


  • Requires connection to a water source or vacuum cleaner for optimal dust management

Price and Buying:

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The TIEKJOT Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine is a powerful and versatile tool that meets the needs of professionals in construction and renovation. Its blend of high power, precision, safety features, and dust management makes it an excellent investment for those requiring reliable and efficient cutting performance.

Overall, the TIEKJOT Electric Wall Groove Cutting Machine is a top-tier choice for professionals looking for a reliable and efficient cutting tool. Its features and performance make it stand out in its category, ensuring clean, precise, and safe operations.