Percival R. Lugue a Philippines with Guinness Record

A young Philippines made a unique Guinness Record with largest collection of fast-food restaurant toys

Percival R. Lugue is a young Philippines made a unique Guinness Record. He collected the most number of fast-food toys. He is a graphic artist, collected more than 20,000 toys as gifts for children from food restaurants.

According to foreign media reports, Percival has been doing this since the age of five years. He eats well-known brands of burgers and fast food. And as a return, he collected toys as gifts.

Now he is over 50 years old and he collects more than 20,000 toys. while explaining his passion, Percival Lugue said that a toy is like a storyteller for him.

According to him, toys remind the time when he bought them. They also help to associate the events and memories.
Percival Lugue’s three stories high house.

Percival R. Lugue Philippines with toys

He has filled this house with toys, this can be seen in the picture.Accourding to young Philippines who made a unique Guinness Record he still plays with the toys. He admits that he still enjoys playing with them.


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