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How to maintain oral hygiene?

How To Maintain Oral Good Hygiene at Home?

How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene at Home? Our teeth play are an important role in our lives. They help us chewing and digest food. Oral hygiene is important not only for our mouth but also for our bodies. It reduces the risk of diseases. Follow these simple oral hygiene tips if you want to know Why is it important to maintain good oral hygiene? How to take good care of your teeth?

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day for strong teeth. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep is very important. when you sleep germs can harm your teeth and make them weak.
  2. Always do a mouth wash, after eating anything. You can also keep a good Colgate mouth wash in your office drawer so that you can rinse your mouth properly after every meal that you take in the office.
  3.  You must eat fruits that are high in calcium content to keep your teeth strong.
  4.   Change your toothbrush every month.  Choose a toothbrush that suits your teeth (soft, medium, or hard).
  5.   Therefore It is advised by Doctors that consuming cold drinks immediately after a hot drink or hot drink immediately after a cold drink can harm tooth enamel, which is irreplaceable.  So protect it.
  6. Chewing sugar cane will strengthen your teeth, but avoid it if you are diabetic.
  7. There are many tooth powders available in the market, which make use of herbs.  
  8.  The shells of almonds and a number of other things are burnt and mixed with various salts (black, white, rock salt, etc.) is a traditional way to make excellent tooth powder with very little cost.
  9.  Traditionally they use soft and thin branches of NEEM TREE to brush their teeth and keep them strong.
  10. Brush your tongue not only banish bacteria but cleaning your tongue and help freshen your breath.
  11. After the use of your brush, each time allows it to air dry

In short, these good oral hygiene tips can have so many wonderful life-changing benefits to you. These dental hygiene tips help you take your care routine and will keep you away from many diseases.