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How to clean deep makeup brushes

How To Deep Clean Makeup Brushes?

How To Deep Clean Makeup Brushes? Doing makeup is an art. In the past women use their fingers and hands to apply makeup. But in the modern world revolutionized different types of make-up tools. Different types of brushes used for blush on, lipstick, foundation, primer, and base, etc.

It is a very important issue about the cleanliness of these brushes and tools. Cleaning of makeup brush is very important because of health and skin issues.

The bacteria found in makeup brushes grow fastly. These bacteria enter your skin through pores and cause acne.

Makeup brushes are a valuable weapon for any woman. But usually, most women use their makeup brushes carelessly. They do not pay attention to the deep cleanliness of makeup.

 According to dermatologists, weekly cleaning of make-up brushes is necessary. It is important to clean makeup brushes regularly to keep them sterile. regular cleaning protects your skin from diseases. but it also increases the age of your make-up brushes.

 Washing makeup brushes is not a difficult task. Here is a brief overview for you, how to deep clean makeup brushes.

What kind of soap can I use to wash makeup brushes?

 Makeup Brush cleaners are available in the market. They are very expensive. However, if you do not want to buy this brush cleaner. You can wash your brush at home. Homemade soap or shampoo can be used to clean the brush. 

What should you clean makeup brushes with? You can also wash makeup brushes with face wash soap or shampoo. But baby shampoo is the best for this purpose. 

Always wash the large brushes that apply face powder and blush on separately. you can wash the small brushes that apply lip line or eyeshadow together.

How can I clean my makeup brushes at home?

First, wash the brush with sharp water, then apply baby shampoo or soap.

If your make-up brush is too sticky, you will need to put several drops of shampoo on it. if the brush is not too bad then one drop will be enough to clean it. 

Now apply the shampoo well on the brush and form foam. Then press the brush and remove the make-up particles from it. 

If the brush is completely clean, wash it thoroughly with water. Always use lukewarm water to clean your makeup brushes.

After washing the brush, squeeze it to remove out the water. shake it and place it on a clean towel in a suitable place.

If you feel that there is still a lot of water in the brush. Tap the brush with the help of another towel or fold the same towel to dry well.

Never use the brush before it is completely dry. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry it quickly. This can damage the brush’s fibers.

Always keep the brush upright on the towel to dry. 

The best time to wash the brushes is at night. The brushes will dry well overnight. And you can use them in the morning. 

Also, make sure that the water you use to wash the brush is clean. If the water is clear pour a little drink water after washing the brush.