Hand And Feet Care Home Remedies

Hand And Feet Care Home Remedies

Your hands and feet are the most prominent parts of your body. Today I am going to tell you about your hand and feet care tips. Glycerin helps you in skin-care products moisturize your skin. These natural beauty tips for hand and feet care are very helpful and effective for you on how to make feet white and smooth in both summer and winter as well.

1: Glycerin soap

Add some glycerin gell in your handwash add full spoonful glycerin in your daily handwash. Glycerin soap will modernize your skin and reduce dryness in your skin.

2:Homemade Hand cream

Olive oil, vitamin E capsule and aloe vera gell mix all the ingredients and apply this homemade cream on your hands. This will give your skin extra softness and freshness.

3: sugar and olive oil

sugar and olive oil scrubbing on your hands and feet once a week will give you extra softness.

4: Lamon, Rosewater, and Glycerin

Mix all these ingredients in a botel. This serum is best for your skin softness and smoothness. Apply this as a night lotion on your hands and feet.

These homemade hand and feet tips give your skin natural beauty without any side effects. Hand whitening at home tips at home helps you to moisture your hand and face.