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Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Foods That Cause Hair Loss: Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive hair. Hair plays a major role in our personality. Both men and women want beautiful and attractive hair. If you want healthy and long hair you must follow a healthy diet plan.

 If you are facing with hair fall problem. And you want to stop hair fall. you should stop eating certain types of foods that cause hair loss What should be eaten to avoid hair fall? what to eat to stop hair fall immediately?

If you are facing with hair loss problem and want beautiful hair. stop eating foods that cause hair loss.

Here is a list of those foods that may cause hair fall.

Which food causes hair fall?


and zinc is a necessary mineral for healthy hair and growth. Drinking alcohol also dehydrates your hair. which can make your hair more brittle.


 Food that is high in sugar is very dangerous for hair health. Foods that are high in sugar increase insulin and androgen in our body. Food that is rich in sugar increases blood-sugar spikes in our bodies. blood-sugar spikes increase hair thinning problem.

The portion is very important for hair health. But Food that is high in sugar obstructs to digest protein in our body. Foods that are high in sugar may cause hair fall or other hair loss problems.

Dairy Products

The use of Dairy products are also a cause of hair fall  issues.

Fried Foods 

High-fat, fried foods often contain hydrogenated oils that may contribute to hair loss. Testosterone levels are increased with diets that are high in fat, which could lead to male pattern baldness.

Foods High in Vitamin A

 Deficiency in vitamin B, protein, and iron can aid in hair loss while foods containing vitamin C, silica, zinc, and sulphur can promote healthier hair and growth.

These foods are harmful for your hair health. Change in your diet plan may help you. Your food matters a lot in your hair health. Remove unhealthy food from your diet. Always eat a healthy food and kick out foods that cause hair loss problems.

What should be eaten to avoid hair fall?

For long and healthy long hair use a healthy diet. Healthy diet plays an effective role in hair growth.

If you want a healthy hair add food high in protein. foods rich in minerals, vitamins, copper, and zinc also help in long and strong hair. Here is a list of food that helps to stop hair fall. These foods also grow your hair fast.


Portion is an important element of hair.it is very important to add egg in your diet. Healthy hair depends on the amount of potion in your body. Egg increases the enough amount of protein in your body. Healthy protein in eggs helps in the growth of strong and long hair.

Lemon Juice

Regular use of Limon gives our body vitamin c. 1 glass of Limon water gives us enough amount of vitamin c connects the vines of the brain to our hair.it also helps in hair growth fast. Vitamin c helps to easily absorb iron in our body.


Nuts like walnuts, almonds and fles seeds are a rich scours of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid is very important for our hair healty.it helps to strength week and thin hair. Therefore, it helps to grow   strong and healthy hair very fast.


Wheat is full of biotin.it is also a great scour of zinc, iron, and vitamins. Biotin is very important for the growth of body tissues. These biotins also help a great role in the supply of monoacid.it protect and strength your hair.


Carrot juice helps in hair growth fast. Carrot juice helps in fast grow your hair. Its regular use increases the growth of your body cells and.

Hair Growth Tips

Hair Trimming

For long and healthy hair regular trimming is very important. if you trim half an inch of your hair, it grows your hair fast. The trim of damaged hair helps to grow hair fast.

Proper oiling

Regular Oiling hair is also very important. Oil strengthens your hair. Oil your hair before shampoo. You can use olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or mustard oil. mustard oil is very good for hair health. Oil helps to smooth your hair and give them a shin and glow.

You can oil your hair at night and in the morning wash your hair. You can apply oil to your hair for two hours. wrap them in a warm towel before shampoo. Therefore it helps to open hair pores and absorb the oil.

Avoid using hair conditioners and shampoos

If we regularly shampoo our hair it may also damage hair. According to specialist shampoo, your hair daily is not good. shampoo your hair day after two-day days. Because commercials in the shampoo damage our hair. The everyday wash may week and dry your hair. So, avoid daily use to shampoo your hair. Wash your hair with water can remove dust and dirt.

Regular Hair Message

According to specialists, regular hair massage increases the flow of blood. The massage helps in strengthening hair roots. Daily five minutes of the message with your fingers helps your hair health.