a girl with French crown braid

18- Easy And Stylish kids Hairdo

kids love it when their hair ties in a unique and crazy way.  Apart From a traditional ponytail, there are many other stylish hair ideas. These easy kids’ hairdo ideas give your kids a special look. Today we are sharing with you amazing hairdos for your princes.

1.Double Braid

girl with double braid style

This simple and double-sided braid looks crazy and stylish. it takes hardly two minutes to style your baby girl’s hair. This looks lovely at school parties and functions.

2.Double Half-up French Braid

a girl with double half up French braid

Double half up French braid tie back with flower embellishments looks amazing on thicker hair. This look would be a better hairdo for birthday parties.

3.Diamond Braid Ponytail

a girl with diamond braid ponytail

This creative and new hairdo style gives your kid a stylish look. This is the best hairdo for loge hair. you can give your kids this creative look with simple rubber bands.

4.Front Fish Braid

girl with front fish braid

Fishtail stylish braid gives your kids a prince’s look. loose tie hair with fishtail braid gives a neat and attention given style.

5.Crown Braid

a girl with French crown braid

If you want a new classical way of kids hair do. Tie your kids hair in a simple long braid and twist it around head like a crown. Crown braid hairdo is easy to create and looks amazing.

6.Crown Braid With Flower

a girl with flower crown braid with half up

you can simply tie hair in a crown braid and embellish it with flower hairpins. you can use fresh flowers of different colors as well. this princess hairdo is best for your kids’ birthday party and different school functions.

7.wavy Hair

a girl with wavy hair

if you want wavy hair do, simply tie kids hair in double braid at night. untie it in the morning give you this wavy hair. You kid looks so cute in this easy to create hairdo.

8.Front Band With Long Hair

a girl with front band long hair

Front band with long hair look stylish and glamorous look. The front band looks amazing with a round face. The matching head ribbon enhances the hairdo look.

9.Double Braid Half up Tieback

girl with double braid half up tieback with ribbon

Double Braid Half up and tieback work great with long hair. This lovely hairdo is love. You can create is lovely hairdo only in five minutes.

10.Twisted Wrap Ponytail

girl with twisted wrap ponytail

11.Mid-French With Ponytail

mid French with twisted ponytail

Mid-French With Ponytail change your kids hairstyle. Mind French looks so elegant and cute. the twisted ponytail change the entire classic look.

12.Mini Bridges Tie Back

mini bridge tie back with open hair

This is the most fun style hairdo for your kids’ day out function in summer days. This crazy style looks amazing with medium hair.

13 simple Side Braid

a girl with one side braid

Simple Side Braid looks elegant with short hair. This is a beautiful single side style. If your kids have short hair than this is perfect choice.

14.Side French Braid

a girl with side French braid

This lovely stylish hairdo gives an artistic look. Take some hair from the front side create a side french braid and tie it with a beautiful hairpin or ribbon.

15.Side French Fishtail

a girl with side French fishtail braid

Side French Fishtail hair do design is an elegant hairdo. you tie can Side French Fishtail braid with fresh flower according to occasions. This classic hairdo gives your kid a charming look.

16.Simple Bun With Hairband

a girl with simple bun and hairband

Here is a classic and simple hair do for your kids party or other day out functions. Gather all hair and create a simple bun. Peral hair band add a classy look.

17.Twisted Braid Half Up

a girl with waterfall side French half up

Hare is simple and easy to do style. Just twist front hair and simply tie it back with a ribbon or hair clip. This half up hairdo looks amazing for school going girls.

18.waterfall Side French

waterfall side French braid hairdo

This lovely style is very easy to do. This will give your princes a glamorous look. waterfall Side French with ribbon is a versatile and creative hairdo.

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